Miami Florida

May 28, 2021-Miami Florida

My sister and I drove down from Atlanta leaving at around midnight. It wasn’t until around mid afternoon that we finally reached our hotel in Miami Gardens. Thrilled and sleep deprived we showered once in our room and got dressed. Our first night was dedicated to the culture of Miami, but that adventure didn’t turn out as planned. I assumed there would be no parking so I unwittingly thought to park the car at a lot then get a ride to Calle Ocho. After having some issues with getting into the gate, I parked my car and ordered the rideshare. Standing on the road 30 minutes later its hot and still no rideshare. We decided to get back in the car and drive to Calle Ocho instead. After a disappointing encounter at a very popular restaurant, we decided to head back to the hotel.

I planned the trip because my sister has been wanting to visit Miami for the longest time. The first night was just to look around before the planned events the next day. Back at the hotel, we changed into more comfortable clothes and worked out our plan for the evening. By this time the road trip food had been used up and it was time to eat-Miami style. I saw a recommendation for a seafood restaurant in downtown Miami. To my surprise we were promptly seated outside with a beautiful view of the dock. Every so often compact yachts would pass by and the breeze would blow in kissing our faces with the warm Miami heat. It wasn’t the night we expected but it was definitely a night to remember.